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Cape Stack

Cape Stack, established as a project development company in 2016. Design, development, construct and operate a hydrogen fuel cell stack production facility in Cape Town. The company is 100% black owned, anchored by industrial entrepreneurs professionals with a proven track record in the South Africa and African technology sector. As a new entrant, Cape Stack will focus on building and developing business relationship with local and international suppliers and customers.

Important things to know about us:

  • The company is 100% black owned
  • 20% black female and youth owned.
  • Anchored by industrial entrepreneurs and professionals
  • Owners have a proven track record in the South Africa and African technology sector. 

The cape stack team

We're group of professionals who excel in our respective fields of expertise. Get to know us a little better.

Nadine Baradien

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Nadine Baradien has over 6 years of experience in the manufacturing, production retails sectors. She has a qualification in paralegal studies and is completing a Bachelor of  Commerce degree in Law. Nadine is an accomplished entrepreneur and executive with experience in starting up SMME’s in the retail and manufacturing sectors. Her experience includes strategy development and execution. Nadine has honed her expertise and experience in business leadership, marketing, management, and business development. She has spent most of her career supporting and developing small businesses in various communities in South Africa. Nadine has become a social activist for women and youth development in the informal and formal business sectors.

Bradley Cerff

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Bradley Cerff has over 23 years of experience in the petroleum exploration and production industry. He is a   graduate with an M.Sc and an MBA degree. Bradley developed his technical mining expertise as a graduate geophysicist before joining the oil and gas industry. He has experience in managing multi-disciplinary teams associated with the exploration, development, and production of onshore and offshore concession and oilfields in local and various international jurisdictions. He is a registered member of the Society of Petroleum Engine.

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